ESPL undertakes green field and brown field projects for planning and design and delivers services through conceptualization, execution, delivery and operationalization of services

ESPL provide solutions in following verticals :-
1. Preparation of Concept report
2. Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR).
3. Preparation of Financial Feasibility Report (Techno economic Feasibility Report.)
4. Market research for selection of specialities / services.
5. Brand management and positioning of hospitals
6. Time lines setting up.
7. Modification of project report, if any, keeping in view the real time projections.
8. Prepration of Architectureal Brief 
9. Equipment requirements : BOQs and agencies identification.
Equipment Analysis 
Equipment Procurement & installation planning
Preparation of equipment specifications for placement of enquiries to suppliers
10. Identify and work on required statutory formalities / documentation, and clearances.
11. Project Reviews / Monitoring.
12. Identification of agencies : Architects, Builders, Equipment suppliers and others.
2. Negotiations, short listing and award of contracts.