ESPL handhold with organization to prepare them for achieving accreditation from various affiliating boards to establish department of Medical education at their own premises.

ESPL take following accreditation projects
• Post Graduate Medical Education Accreditation
• Nursing School / College
• Allied Health sciences Institute
• Ayurvedic College
• Dental College
• Medical College

ESPL also helps in Conceptualization of Allied Health Sciences Institute. The company runs its own institutes in various states where it imparts education to around 500 students in allied health sciences. 

1. Rajshri Insttiute of Medical Sciences , New Delhi
2. Medistart Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Haryana
3. Prashant Paramedical Institute & Research Centre, Bihar
4. Institute of Healthcare Profesionals, Punjab

Upcoming institutes at 

Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal