Pharmacy Planning, Management & Audit

ESPL can help you achieve your goal to start a pharmacy or to plan your existing pharmacy’s expansion. It has assisted scores of pharmacies, in all areas of practice, during the crucial pharmacy start up phase as well as during pharmacy expansions. 

Areas that ESPL excels in include:
• Pharmacy structure design
• Advise on starting a pharmacy business
• Location selection
•Facility planning
• Pharmacy business plan review and assistance
• Budget review and Cash flow analysis 
• Pharmacy staffing requirements and modeling
• Employee training and development
• Logistics planning
• Policy & Process design and procedure development
• Regulatory compliances
• Risk assessment
• Vendor selection and relations

Pharmacy Audit 
The audit process is one means of reviewing pharmacy policy, processes and programmes; it ensures that procedures and reimbursement mechanisms are consistent with statutory, regulatory & system requirements.